ducted heating

Ducted Heating For Warm And Cozy Home

What is ducted heating? They are basically convection heaters. Their prime objective is to circulate warm air throughout the house. They work via convection ducts and they enter the room through either ceiling or floor. Their major source of energy is the natural gas. However, they also run on split system air conditioners.

ducted heating
Ducted heating

They are very much in demand today because of their various advantages. Some of them need to be installed only once. They do not need separate installation in various rooms. They have one single point of access and they circulate the warm air throughout the house, not just in the room they are installed in, but throughout. The ductwork is out of sight as the outlets are connected to the heating point which is screened.

They work on the principle of the central heating system, as they provide warmth and comfort throughout the building, having been installed just in one room. When they are secured with other systems for temperature variation purposes, the whole system is known as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system.

The warmth is circulated throughout the building with the help of ductwork, by forced air or by steam fed by pipes. The chemical reaction involved here is known as combustion. It is obtained through heating of fossil fuel in a furnace by the application of dry heat.

Why should you go for Ducted Heating?

Building code of Australia has laid down certain guidelines which form essential features to install ducted heating system or central heating system. They must be strictly adhered to, to avoid maintenance issues and proper functioning of the system.

You should be able to provide a minimum clearance of 400mm between the ductwork and the point of entrance of the heat, i.e., the floor or the ceiling. It is preferable to use the central heating system on the top level or the terrace which helps in prevention of the unnecessary sound entering the house.

Movement of furniture and fixture in the house or building will affect the installation of the ducted heating. In cases of such scenarios arising, a professional and knowledgeable installer must be consulted before carrying out any further task.

ducted heating
Ducted heating

Points to consider before Applying for ducted Heating

  • Insulated Ducts: They must be installed properly because they are the source of the circulation throughout the building or house. Improper installation of them will lead to uneven distribution and maintenance faults.
  • CO2 Emissions: Central heating system piles up the emission level of CO2 in the environment. Such recklessness increases the level of air pollution. To reduce it to some extent, environmental friendly natural resources must be used, such as solar power or natural gas
  • Reverse Cycle Air conditioners: When ducted heating system is made to combine with electrical reverse cycle air conditioners, it serves ‘cool air’ as well during humid weather. This system is expensive.
  • Price Factor: High efficiency heaters are expensive, but they run for a long period of time on a low cost.
  • Size and structure of Room: Capacity of the room affects the warmth. Greater the capacity, the more difficult it is to ensure uniform distribution of heat. So, get the right size and system for your room.
  • Insulation of the Room: Insulation of the room is environmental friendly as it will ensure to keep the room cool in summer and retain the same heat in winter. It will reduce the heating load therefore decreasing the CO2 level.
  • Energy Star Marks: These systems have energy star marks which indicate the energy level. The price of the system depends on this to a large extent and efficient models should be brought.

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