Why is being friendly with your mechanic a great idea?

No car has ever survived for more than a year without a mechanic. The mechanic is more of a doctor of the cars. Buying a car, no wonder takes a lot of savings and planning. So, the car is one of the prized possessions of every car owner. So, obviously taking good care of the car is every car owners usual concern. You, as a car owner would first try to find a good and a reliable car services stations which has efficient and skilled mechanics who can deliver excellent car services. There are several things that you need to verify about a mechanic before leaving your car under the care of any mechanic. You need to have a complete assurance that your car would be in best hands. Here is a list of all the things that you need to check:

  1. Experience
  2. Licence and qualifications
  3. Area of expertise
  4. Services provided
  5. Guarantee or warranty on the offered services and sold spare parts
  6. Friendly to customers and eagerness to help
  7. Quick diagnostic skills
  8. Strong technical aptitude
  9. Up to date with latest technologies

These nine points will help you ensure that the mechanic reliable enough to be trusted to offer you quality car services and repairs. Once you have verified all these points, you can relax. But, along with finding a reliable mechanic, I would suggest that you work on building good relations with him. You would be having one single question on your mind about this: Why do I need good relations with a mechanic when I already am getting good service? I will tell you all the benefits of this:

  • Quick troubleshooting: This is the best benefit that you get if you are friends with a mechanic. Whenever you face minor troubles with your car, you are not always close to a car service station. Also, some minor problems do not even need a mechanic to be solved. You can just call up the mechanic and describe the problem and he will give you a quick a solution. Even if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, he can suggest ways to get out of there.
  • Quality car caretaking tips: If you familiarise yourself with the mechanic who services your car regularly, would know your car well. He would have ideal tricks and tips to take care of your car. While you are waiting around for your car to get serviced, you can engage in a small talk with him and listen to valuable car caretaking tips that he has to offer. This way, you can look after your car in a better way.
  • Saves you time during emergencies: If you are running late for an appointment and your car fails you, you would want to get quick repairs so that you could be on your way as soon as possible. A mechanic you are familiarised with would consider your emergency and help you out at the earliest. Also, when you take your car for regular car services, you would be given first preference in case of a busy day. You would save a lot of time as you would not have to wait around to ensure that the services and repairs of your car are done perfectly.
  • Helps you with buying or selling the car: When you decide to sell your car or buy a second-hand car, you have to look for buyers or sellers, ensure that you receive the value that your car deserves, and the process goes smoothly. A mechanic would be in contact with a lot of car owners. So, if you plan to buy a second-hand car or sell yours, he can help you find a buyer or a seller and guide you through the process. Also, if you intend to buy a new car, he can give you recommendations.

These benefits of familiarising yourself with the mechanic seem trivial until you experience those yourself. So, why not give it a try?


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