Different Types of Fireplaces Available

With freezing temperatures being a common occurrence, it is important for all the home owners to carefully think of installing a fire place. This can enhance the overall look of your home besides providing you with the required warmth and coziness. Fireplaces  tend to increase the value of your home in case there is a requirement of selling this in the near future. You can feel festive with this throughout the year, and your parties and other gatherings tend to become all the more enjoyable.


Choices in Fireplaces:

There are multiple choices available and choosing one that fits your requirement might be a little confusing. Here we list a few of these along with their features to help you make the right choice.

Gas Burning Fireplaces:

Gas burning fireplaces work out to be more economical and can provide the required warmth in a clean and healthy manner. These are hassle-free and they do not need much of breaking down and construction.

  • Vent less Built-in: These fireplaces are considered as the easy installation as there is no requirement of a vent or a chimney.  The only problem with this type of a fireplace is the possibility of contaminants entering your home.
  • Vented-in Direct: These fireplaces can use the existing chimney for venting out. In case of your home not having a chimney, you can also think of using a pipe. The yellow flame makes this fireplace similar to a wooden fireplace.

Wood Burning Fireplaces:

This traditional fireplace is romantic. You do find different options in this so that you can make a choice in accordance to your requirement and convenience.

  • Enclosed: These fireplaces have a glass panel that will let you enjoy the ambience. This design enables more of heat in the room and less out of the chimney.  You are warmer with this design.
  • Open Hearth: Open hearth fireplaces are made of bricks or stones. You can not only feel the heat but you can also see the wood burning. As compared to the latest designs in fireplaces these tend to be less effective. You need to consider the construction bit if you plan to opt for this traditional fireplace.
  • Wood Burning Stoves: Though these are not original fireplaces but need wood for heating. You also require a pipe for the venting of the smoke.
  • Fireplace Inserts: These inserts can slide into the fireplace already existing in your home. These being enclosed can help you get an effective and fuel efficient fire place.

Electric Fireplaces:

Easy in installation and affordable to a large extent, these electric fireplaces are a favored choice for most homeowners. You also have the choice of switching off the heating and enjoy the ambience. Different effects and a remote control operation make this choice a ‘comfortable’ choice.


Mantel Electric Fireplaces:

These mimic the wooden fireplaces without the requirement of venting.

Installation of a Fireplace:

You need to make sure that you take the required time and look for a well reputed contractor for installing a fireplace in your home. Look for a company which has the experience of working with all types of fireplaces. A specific knowledge and experience are required to install a fireplace in the right manner and this can be handled by experts who deal solely with fireplaces.

Experienced and qualified contractors will ensure safety and also the efficiency of a fireplace. Get the fire place inspected once the job has been completed.

Considering certain factors can ensure that your fireplace is safe. You can enjoy this totally without any tensions. An online search can help you to a large extent. Going through the different reviews is important before you make a choice of a specific contractor.


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