How to Install Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Doors Properly?

Installing cabinet replacement doors might seem tough in the first place but when you start working it is quite easy to replace the old one with a new replacement door. People mostly opt for replacing their old cabinet door because either it is broken, deteriorated, faded or failing to blend with the modern design.

  • However, before starting your installation process of replacement door, you should measure the old door and buy the new door according to that measurement.
  • You should pay attention while buying the replacement door because you must find a matching of the old one. Apart from knowing the exact measurement of the door, you should also concentrate on the material of the door, the color, and the size, which will go best with your existing cabinets.

Installing Cabinet Replacement Doors:

Before starting the cabinet replacement doors installation process, you should arrange drill, screwdriver, driver bit, wood screws, hinge, etc. Here are the steps that will assist you to install new cabinet door in your old cabinet:

  1. At first, you need to remove the old door from the cabinet and remove the hinge holding the door with the assistance of a screwdriver. However, while installing new door don’t use the hook from the old door from the previous cabinet. You should not remove the old screws if you find it hard to pull them out. So, after removing the door, you should fill the holes with putty and apply sand over it. So, depending on the color, you need to paint the new door as well as the cabinet so that there isn’t any kind of mismatch in color.
  1. Then take the new door to attach it to the frame of the cabinet and depending upon the position, you should mark the post of the hinges.  You should use high-quality hinges in the cabinet door which will make the door durable for the right amount of time. All the people mostly use non-mortise hinges where you need to put the screw directly into the cabinet door. You can even find other types of hinges depending upon your convenience.

Framing the Cabinet Door in A Proper Manner Is Very Important:

  • After the second step, you should place the new cabinet door in the frame, and you should place with the help of leveler. After placing the door, you should mark the position of the hinges in the frame and then drill small holes in the frame. Then put the new door in the pre-driller position and apply the hooks on the frame. However, you should not completely tighten the screws in the hinges until all the pins are loosely fitted in the holes.
  • So now you must tighten all the screws, but before the final process, you should check that there should not be any kind of gap. Then put handles and catches in the new cabinet door with the help of driller.
Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Doors
Kitchen Cabinet Replacement Doors

There is a varied type of handles and catches that can be applied to the new door but you should choose depending upon the styles of other components in the kitchen. You should install a rubber bumper on the outside and inside corner. So that it will prevent the door from getting slammed.


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