Handy tips for hiring a marquee for your event

If you are all set to host a Christmas party or planning a summer wedding, or a company party in an open ground, considering getting a marquee hire is a really good idea. The best part about a marquee hire is that it is extremely cheaper than the rents for rest of the party venues. Also, with a marquee hire, you can let your decorating imagination run wild without any restrictions of the venue. Above all, you get the benefit of the exterior environment and you can indulge yourself as well as make the guests feel at ease while experiencing the pleasant atmosphere.

Marquee Hire

Well, as simple it may sound, marquee hire may turn out to be a disaster if you do not pay attention to the details and quality. For first timers, it is advisable that they choose the marquee hire company with caution to ensure that the function goes as planned.

Some tips to ensure that you get a quality marquee hire service:

# Do not push the hiring process to the end:

Enquire about marquee as early as possible. There are some peak seasons in the business of marquee hire. These seasons include all those days when the sky is not pouring down rain or snow over the landscape – that means the summers and the winters in areas where it does not snow. During such periods, you may fail to get a marquee hire within a week of enquiry. So, try to be as early as possible and be ready with your marquee hire weeks before the event date.

# Decide the number of guests:

Marquees come in a variety of sizes and shapes. So, you need to decide the size before looking for a marquee hire The size of the marquee is determined by the number of guests. So, while planning any party, first establish an approximate number of guests that will be attending the party. If the marquee is larger than the required size, the event would seem to be less crowded and would steal away the charm of the event and if the marquee is smaller, there would be a lot of confusion created due to an overcrowded location.

Marquee Hire

# Pick a proper location:

This is the key feature that defines the success of a marquee event. Before going for a marquee hire, ensure that you have a suitable location for the event to erect the marquee on. Ensure that you look for a location with no underground cables or pipes to avoid mishaps or damages. Try not to choose locations with overhead obstructions such as trees or power lines or a restricted space. Also, make sure that the surroundings are visually appealing.

# Take the local weather forecast into consideration:

You obviously do not want the whole party to be a flop show due to rains. Nature is said to be unpredictable. But weather forecasts sometimes give a warning of nature’s upcoming events. So, make sure that you take a look at the weather forecasts to ensure that nature does not have a raining or a snowing event planned on the day of your planned event. In case there are forecasts of strong winds or cold temperatures, you can plan accordingly by hiring solid walls or extra heating.

# Select the right accessories along with marquee hire:

When you book a marquee for hire, look for hiring the needed accessories along with it. Focus on amenities like toilets. Ensure you have a mobile generator to provide an electrical supply for lighting and decoration. Accessories like chairs, table, a dance floor set-up, a stage set-up, etc. are equally necessary.

So, there you have it – a detailed guide to help you prepare well for your marquee event. Also, never ever choose a marquee hire service without getting several reviews and consulting various service providers and getting several quotes for the same.


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