Brake Rotors

Why Would You Replace Your Car Brake Rotors?

Brake rotors are an extremely important component in your cars braking system. They play an important role in stopping the car. Brake rotors also called as brake discs are those rotors that brake pads fasten onto to stop the wheels of the vehicle from spinning. If you find any noise and frictions on your car brake then it is the perfect time to replace the brake rotors. The brake is a safety feature of the car which controls the wheel balance of the car, and if you do not replace your damaged brake pads and rotors on time, then it can lead you to some serious road accidents.

Brake Rotors
Brake Rotors

Different Types of Brake Rotors

When it comes to high-performance brake rotors, there are two major types. They are Drilled Brake Rotors and Slotted Brake Rotors.

#1. Drilled Brake Rotors

What are the benefits of drilled brake rotors?

As the name suggests, drilled brake rotors are those rotors that have holes drilled in them. Having holes drilled into any part of the vehicle may seem like an unreasonable move, especially if that part is as important as the brake rotors.

  • When the brake pad grabs the rotor, it creates friction, this, in turn, creates heat. If the heat is not allowed to escape it can lead the brakes material to fade which affects its stopping power.
  • The materials that were used in some older types of brake pads actually caused gas to build up between the rotors and pads. This gas also restricted the breaks stopping power. In order to stop this, holes were drilled into the rotors.
  • When a car drives through a puddle, a car wash or even a rainstorm, the brake rotors can get wet. If the brake rotors get wet then the surface becomes slippery and the brake pads would find it difficult to grab on to it. Drilling holes on a brake rotor allow heat, gas, and water to move away from the rotor surface, adding to the strength of breaks stopping power. 

#2. Slotted Brake Rotors

These breaks use slots carved into the flat metal surface to move gas, heat, and water away from the surface of the rotors. Drivers who like to focus on performance usually opt of slotted brake rotors. This is because the way they drive puts a lot of stress on the rotors.

Brake Rotors
Brake Rotors

4 factors considering when you replace the brake rotors:

  • However, if you find any difficulties in your brake system then you need to replace them. Uneven noise can be a symptom of the brake damages and you need to repair the same to solve this issue.
  • Apart from that, if you are not able to control the brake systems then also you need to replace the brake rotors because due to uneven frictions the brake rotors can suddenly stop working as well.
  • It is suggested to repair or replace the brake rotors by licensed and experienced brake repairing and servicing centre only. You need to check their documents like license, insurance, and authentications certificates before hiring.
  • Lastly, you need to check your brake system after the certain time and if you cannot diagnose the issue then discuss with the brake repairing center and they will identify the problems accordingly.

So, do not take any risk regarding your brake rotors and replace the same after a certain timeframe.


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