Get an Idea on What Are Gynecology Examination Chairs

People visit hospitals and clinics to seek consultation or treatment for any sickness. It is common for such to have certain equipment and supplies. You will find a waiting room with chairs and tables and few plants and magazine racks.  The exam room must have chair and table for the doctor, stools for patients, equipment for diagnosis, computer, cabinets and an exam table. There could be a common table for this purpose or consultants have special chairs for examining. Women who visit gynecologists can find such specifically designed exam table, called the gynecology chair. 

Gynecology Examination Chairs
Gynecology Examination Chairs

More on gynecology exam chair

A gynecology chair comes with a special design to meet gynecological needs. You can get the assurance of reasonable as well as proper procedure for medical examinations. The main aim of having such exam chair is to provide utmost comfort to the patient while they are being examined. When the patient is comfortable and relaxed during the examination or treatment, it allows the doctor to do the procedure properly.  So, it is very important that you ensure the chair meets the requirements of comfort and effectiveness before you invest in it.

Some features of this chair to look for

  • The gynecology chair must have a backrest that can have gas spring for providing comfort for the patients to sit in the position they want. There could be two or three motors that help in the optimal patient positioning.
  • The seats should be adjustable too with the recline feature. These can come with an electric hydraulic operation which can allow easy operations. It can be simple to lift the chair up, down making it convenient for the doctor to perform any examination, operation or diagnosis.
  • The unique design can allow patients of all sizes and heights to comfortably get on the chair and get down easily. The height of the chair when low can make it easier for older women and women with disabilities to get on and off the chair without the need for a foot stool.
  • There could be several electrical movements including back, tilt, height adjustments and Trendelenburg position
  • The foot control allows enough leg rest or stirrups with pads for removing the patient’s discomfort.
  • The foam on the chair must be seamless and medium density making it comfortable for the patients to lie down.
  • The upholstery should be removable and waterproof. This makes it easier to clean after use. It should be made from fire retardant covering characteristics that come with antibacterial features which are safe and hygienic for the patients.
Gynecology Examination Chairs
Gynecology Examination Chairs
  • The chair should be sturdy and durable enough to support the weight of all kinds of patients. It is better to find the chair that has stable frame which is made from stainless steel for strength.
  • You can put roll paper with the chair for the patients and doctor to use.
  • There could be wheels that allow movements from one place to another very easily.
  • The chair has electric movement with motors that ensure slow chair and back movements for making the patient comfortable. Soft start and stop as well as anti-crushing safety mode are features that make this chair so unique.
  • You get perfect pedal control for the movement of the chair. There is a level just below the base for use.
  • You can also manually tilt the chair at various heights to suit the requirements.
  • The sterilized stainless-steel pan with drainage tube and guard cover can be removed and slides as per use.
  • You can have a colposcope holder and rectoscopy cushion for diverse use.
  • There are hand grips for convenience.
  • You can choose from different designs and colors of gynecology chairs available from different vendors.

Above mentioned points are vital while buying gynecology exam chair.


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