Shopping for ballet shoes online? Read this first

For any dancer, there is nothing more thrilling than getting a new pair of ballet shoes. A lightweight shoe that is specially made just for ballet dancing is called a ballet shoe. Ballet shoes are basically made from materials like canvas, satin, or leather and have a suede sole to provide flexibility to the foot. For buying a perfect ballet shoe pair, comfort is the most important factor and an uncomfortable shoe can lead to messing up your dance performance and sometimes even cause harm to your feet. If you are buying shoes from an online ballet store, you need to be a little extra careful. Buying shoes from an online ballet store surely has several benefits and with the shopping world being taken over almost completely by online shopping, buying ballet shoes online is a good idea. Before you click on the Buy Now button, here are the things you need to consider.

Ballet Shoes
  • The size: The key to having a perfect pair of ballet shoes is that it should be a perfect fit. You may be tempted to buy a pair of shoes which is a little larger that the feet to leave room for the growth of the foot. But never implement that temptation. Ensure that the shoe fits snugly. The sizing varies by brand. So, never rely on the street shoe sizing. There are size charts available on the online ballet store. You must measure the feet yourself and then select the shoe size number based on that measurement. This is the most accurate way to get the right shoe size.
  • The fitting: Apart from the size, the overall fitting should be right too. The ballet shoe is supposed to fit like a sock or a glove and that too without extra material to pinch at the tip of the shoe. Elastics are used to secure the ballet shoe firmly on the foot. Some ballet shoes are sold without elastics to enable the dancers to sew the elastics at the right spot to ensure that the shoe fits as needed. The dancer should decide whether the ballet shoes they are buying need to have pre-sewn elastics or the ones without elastics.
Ballet Shoes
  • The brands: The ballet shoes being something a dancer would use almost daily, need to be of top quality and nothing ensures better quality than a well-established brand. So, while buying shoes from an online ballet store, go for the branded ones. There may be a lot of discount offers available on the other non-branded shoes. But the saving done due to such kind of discounts is just temporary.
  • The type and style: The type of sole of the ballet shoe determines its type. There are two types of soles: full soles and split soles.

These points are vital while buying shoes from an online ballet store. Also, while shopping online, ensure the online store has a prompt and responsive return policy and customer service.


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