Why Plantation Shutters and Blinds Are Common Choice for Homes

Top quality plantation shutters and blinds are becoming a popular choice and smart option for windows in many households. In addition to their roles and benefits, their modern look and aesthetic appeal adds to the overall popularity. With the wide range of benefits offered, easy of functionality, as well as increasing range of options and styles becoming available every day, these plantation shutters and blinds are a suitable choice for any and every household.

Plantation Shutters
Plantation Shutters

Range of Materials for top quality Plantation Shutters and blinds

One can choose the type of material for their plantation shutters and blinds from the following variety:

#1. Vinyl:
The major advantage of Vinyl shutters and blinds is that they are cost effective in comparison to other materials available such as basswood and hardwood. Additionally, they are great for windows owing to their resistance to extreme weather such as rain and temperature changes. PVC or aluminum is used for support in vinyl shutters as these do not contain wood. Vinyl shutters are further divided into different types such as the stable Solid vinyl with blown PVC filled frame, solid vinyl with aluminum insert, Hollow vinyl with hollow frames, Structured Hollow vinyl with better structural integrity, and Vinyl-clad wood with hard wood frame wrapped in vinyl.

#2. Hardwood:
Wood is the most popular material that is used in the top quality plantation shutters and blinds owing to its ease of maintenance and durability. In addition to functional benefits, wooden blinds also have an aesthetic appeal and provide elegance to the room.

#3. Basswood:
Although this type of shutter is not that resistant to extreme weather than other types, it is preferred by house owners as they can not only easily install it but also paint it owing to its grain staining property. So in this way, the people can paint it with their choice of color that matches with the interior of the house and color scheme.


Benefits of Plantation Shutters and Blinds

These different types of top quality plantation shutters and blinds offer a variety of benefits which make them a popular choice. These advantages include the following:

  • Serving the primary purpose of privacy and protection, such shutters are installed on the outside section of homes as a barrier to outside disturbances.
  • The functionality of such shutters enables insiders to adjust the louvers of the shutter panels and open it either halfway or completely to control the amount of air and light to come in.
  • Unlike curtains and traditional window coverings which attract dust and dirt, such shutters are easy to maintain. Since dust does not settle on these shutters, they are great for residents suffering from allergy to dust.
  • When closed, the shutters insulate the house or particular room from outside heat, thereby keeping it warm in the winters. Similarly, in summers, these shutters can be opened to let air enter inside while keeping the panels closed to prevent unwanted heat from entering in. Thus, they further help in saving energy and lowering bills spent on energy.
  • They can be installed either outside or inside of windows of almost all shapes and sizes; circular, diamond shaped, or arched windows.
  • These shutters are available in a variety of materials, thereby increasing the option of getting them customized according to one’s taste and decor of the room.

The wide range of materials and numerous benefits make top quality plantation shutters and blind a preferred choice in many households. Since they are a one-time investment that helps in increasing the value of a house, make sure you get top quality plantation shutters and blinds. Ensure that the shutter you chose has a smooth and stable louver with a thick finishing.


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