Gantry Crane

Tips for Buying a Gantry crane for sale

If buying a good gantry crane for sale is on your mind, here are some useful tips that can help you pick up the crane of your choice easily. There are many ways of finding a gantry crane that is both durable and affordable. These cranes are best for moving heavy load from one place to another. Whether you are looking to purchase this crane for industrial or construction purposes, all you need to do is keep your eyes open for the right deal and follow these useful tips:

Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane

What purpose will your gantry crane serve?

Have you decided why you want to purchase a gantry crane for sale? If not, decide before you purchase, as the type of crane you choose will depend on its application. The loading capacity of these cranes varies from one another, so pick your crane depending on the kind of load it will transport. Also check on the area of your workplace where the crane will be deployed. If you have a small workspace, then it will be difficult to use the gantry crane, and it is also an important factor that you must decide about the load-bearing capacity of the crane and the quality of the hoist, trolley and the beam before you buy the gantry crane for sale.

Search for Manufacturers/ Dealers

You need to get a hold of a good and reliable manufacturer or dealer for your purchase of gantry cranes. Do a small check list of dealers/ manufacturers you wish to contact:

  • Is your manufacturer/ dealer reputed?
  • Check for dealer reviews across the internet
  • What is the warranty offered?
  • Check costs across multiple dealers, manufacturers, and compare.
  • Will your manufacturer/ dealer gives you proper after sales service?

Save on costs

When you are buying a gantry crane for sale, you may also consider purchasing a used crane to save on costs. Just ensure that all parts are in place and there is no compromise on the functionality of the crane. Also, don’t forget to check out some garage sales. Your local newspaper would be the best place to find garage sales where you can find a good gantry crane at a good price.

Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane

Check on the parts

When you are buying a gantry crane one of the most important factors to consider is the parts. There are different types of gantry cranes that are available in the market. You can also find indoor and outdoor gantry cranes, deepening on the load capacity of which, you can go for gantry crane for sale. Ensure that your gantry crane comes with parts that are

  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Easily replaceable.
  • Has good quality mechanical and electrical components.
  • The parts are safety tested and certified.
  • Has responsive mechanism.

Shipping and Transportation

A gantry crane for sale should also come along with proper shipping and transportation facilities to your location of choice. After all, it is not something you can buy and take home on your own. Most dealers offer free shipping to your location. Most Companies or direct manufacturers offer free transportation as well.

A gantry crane would be with you for years, so do adequate research on the crane you want to buy. You can even consider taking your crane operator for your purchase, as he would be the best to guide you on the crane of your choice. Besides, you must also take all the guidance you can from your dealer while buying the crane. A reputed dealer would have years of experience in dealing with cranes and should be able to guide you to buy the best gantry crane for sale.


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