Ways To Select The Best Bathroom Shower Screen For Your Bathroom

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom space then a lot of consideration should go into redecorating your shower space. There is no better way to segregate and renovate the bathing area of your bathroom than installing bathroom shower screen in your shower space. Not only has it created a separate space for bathing it also gives an added aesthetic value to your remodelled bathroom. You must weigh all your options and do good market research before you decide on the installation part.

Shower Screens

Types of most popular and contemporary bathroom shower screen

Four major types of shower screens are usually popular among homeowners in many cities. These are as follows:

#1. Hinged shower screens

This is a special type of bathroom shower screen that is more suitable for modernised bathroom set-ups. However, this style of screen is best fit for only spacious bathrooms and is a big no for the smaller shower spaces. If you prefer an open and luminous shower space in your bathroom then you can definitely go for this specific design. It is very important to clean and maintain the shower screens on a daily basis and you can also call in the professionals to get an idea about the maintenance of the screens.

#2. Framed shower screens

The shower screens fully covered with frames are the robust ones and are stronger and more resilient compared to other designs. These shower screens are highly popular. As far as the designs are concerned, these screens show two major classifications- ones with sliding doors or the ones with pivoting panels.  As this pattern of the screen is fully supported by frames they offer a wide range of creative variation in terms of designs and can be customised according to your specific requirements.

#3. Frameless screens 

The frameless bathroom shower screen is considered as the most contemporary shower screening option. This type is devoid of any kind of rubber seal or frameworks. This type is the most space optimising one and is suitable for smaller to larger bathrooms. This type is made up of full glasswork, which can be tinted as per your choice for added design options. However, this type of screen comes at a greater cost but is extremely easy to clean and maintain. It creates a more spacious and comforting bathroom environment that is filled with light and looks more welcoming than the other options.

#4. Semi frameless shower screens 

This is an amalgamation of frameless and framed shower screen designs. This is the middle way for those who do not prefer either of the extremes. This bathroom shower screen comes with structural framework support but the frames are discrete compared to the regular framed designs. This type of screen is for those who prefer a modern artistic touch to their shower space but at the same time are looking for robustness as well. As the space occupied by the framework is unnoticeable, you do not face much maintenance issues and cleaning is easier too. This is an affordable option for modernised bathrooms.

Shower Screens

Factors to consider when looking for shower screens for your bathroom

  • Shower positioning: The position and placing of shower matter the most in terms of screen installation. Look out for whether your shower is in the centre or in a corner. Decide on the screen based on the position of the shower.
  • Available space for screen installation:  Available space for bathroom shower screen installation holds key importance. Measure the available space and go for screen installation accordingly. Your bathroom must not look congested so choose wisely.

Now you can also customize the designs of the bathroom shower screens and choose the designs from the online portals, to get your bathroom remodelling done perfectly.


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