Tips & Tricks For Planning Home Renovation

The word renovation itself suggests the meaning to restore anything into its usable condition. While planning home renovation we should not only pay attention to latest interiors and automation but also keep a check on our budget. The excitement of getting one’s home a new look gives a joyful feeling but we should be careful from making mistakes in sense of cost planning, time management etc.

Here are few points that would ease our workload


#1. Make a to do list

To do list is the most important task before you can start any work, and it also prevents us from post renovation mistakes. Jotting down the points such as repair work needed, painting, furniture change or any kind of addition to it, flooring, fall ceiling, plumbing work etc. to reduce the pressure of forgetting or overlooking any kind of work.

#2. Plan your budget

Everyone should plan a budget before starting renovation work in order to keep the work going on smoothly so that in later stage work should not get stuck due to financial mismanagement. A home renovation is a smart investment but it’s not easy when cash flow is tight. 

#3. Search for an affordable contractor

Most of us ask our friends and relatives to recommend good contractors as it’s the easiest medium to find. A good contractor is the one that listens to your ideas patiently and gives suggestions keeping in mind your ideas, likes and dislikes and gives you a follow up of work going on.  The contractor should do his duty nicely and should maintain time and should keep the site clean.

#4. Estimate time of work completion

The contractor will provide an estimated time in which he /she will be liable to complete the work of renovation and hand over the freshly renovated home. The time frame should not be too lengthy and should suit one. 

#5. Materials required

After making a full-fledged list of renovations required to be done now it’s time for listing out the material requirement in order to avoid last minute mess. Every point has to be kept in mind for preparing a list of materials and from where it should be bought from should be the next concern.

House Renovation

From where to buy the required materials

We should choose to go with our contractor to bring materials and fittings required for renovation so that he can suggest you the best which goes with your home. We can just go and check few stores for price prevailing in the market and choose the one which gives us the best rate of desired material.

#1. Shifting things

For starting renovation work, the foremost thing is the shifting to be done.  The area or home need to be renovated should be vacant so that no problem occurs due to things or furniture.  And in process furniture and other household items may get damaged.

#2. Maintaining activity log

In order to keep a track of products being used or when are the machines or fittings being installed an activity log should be maintained so that no confusion or misunderstanding occurs between the contractor and us.

#3. Original plan may vary

It’s a possibility that we may not like our old plan and may want it to switch to some new idea we got from somewhere. Feel free to discuss the new plan or idea with your contractor so that he can suggest you the best one.

#4. Keep yourself informed

You must keep yourself informed about the work going on or materials bought or labour time or if they are present or not, the quantity of material being utilised during the renovation. You should have a direct contact with the shops from where the products or the materials are being purchased. Match the bills, and then pay to avoid double payment.


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