Choose The Best Pool Tiles For Your Swimming Pool

In ancient times, the Romanians were one of the first few people who used pools and had access to bathing as per their wish. This gave them the flexibility to enjoy the benefits of pools with massive structures, pillars and ancient architecture. However, times have changed, and swimming pool tiles, in particular, are mostly focused on aesthetics and functionality. For example, you would prefer something that is anti-skid, easy to clean but also looks great. Hence, it is imperative that you make the right choice of pool tiles. Doing so will not only ensure the longevity of the pool but also the aesthetic appeal and functionality aspect. So basically, the type of the tile or the material of the tile you chose is critical here. In most cases, people prefer mosaic ceramic tiles that have been common for swimming pools. Why they work is because-

Pool Tiles
  • They are cheap
  • Easy to clean
  • Last for years
  • Look trendy and can be set in different patterns

But the problem here is that there is a limited range to choose from. There is also a range of natural pool tiles being promoted these days. Basically, they are also affordable and durable but provide a lot more variety. However, they can get a bit rugged over a period of time and may not be as smooth as the ceramic ones. So, this would be a personal choice.

It’s all in the size

The next aspect of choosing the right tiles for the pool would be the size. In this reference, most people prefer getting bigger tiles because of the fit better. In such references, ceramic is again a hands-on winner and provides you with size ranging from 23mm square to 95 x 45mm that come in rectangular shapes. This suits the requirement of most rectangular pools. However, there are pool tiles available for other shapes or they can be cut too. Natural stones and others may not always be available in such variations.

The colours

One of the first things that that strike out in the blue tiles is the colour. Remember that right through the water, the tile colour would be visible. So, you want to pick something that is closer to the ocean and natural shades of water. Most people go for the aqua-themed pool tiles. You get the gorgeous blue colour without much fuss. Also, an added benefit here is that you can also go for lighter greens. Natural stones, on the other hand, may not be available in prominent aqua shades. However, they will give your pool a natural look.

Pool Tiles


Last but not the least is the budget. In this reference, do remember that though you have a range of options available for pool tiles, the overall cost includes the laying down of the tiles, their quality, what kind of make they are, the size of the pool and umpteen other factors. On an average, you should try and look for designs that are affordable and durable as well. Do consider their sizes because too much cutting would just increase costs.

These are just a few of the factors that come into account when looking for pool tiles. Do remember that your personal choice would also matter here. Make sure that you pick something that offers you a lifetime warranty. Doing so would give you the benefit of replacement and also ensure that you don’t have to worry about constant costs from your end. Pick something that checks the right boxes on these ends, but also appeals to you — after all that is what a swimming pool is all about — fun and relaxation.


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