Choosing The Best Amongst Motorized And Manual Retractable Awnings

You can find various types awnings in commonplaces like market, lane, street or any place where there are shops, houses or any other place where people are present. The benefits of awnings are multiple and this is why nowadays convenient motorized awnings have flooded the market and have become the rage. The traditional awnings are typically manual and have to be retracted by hand and have to be placed back when required to be put into use. However, on the other hand, motorized awnings are controlled by buttons and can be folded or retracted easily simply by pressing the buttons. You can easily install these awnings in your commercial place and you can arrange some additional seating for your customers.

Motorized Awnings

What Are The Benefits Of Motorized Awnings?

  • Easy to use and reuse– The motorized awnings have the benefit that they are easy to operate. They can be controlled using remotes, switches, movable devices or any other remote system. This makes them very easy to use and convenient in places like crowded markets, lanes, small bypasses and other areas. On the other hand, the manual awnings have to be retracted or folded by hand after use and have to be reopened when the next time the work arises. You can find some motorized awnings in the cafeteria, restaurants and patio area because people can easily fold these awnings and utilize their space accordingly. Apart from that, they can easily install some extra awnings to accommodate more customers during events and festive seasons.
  • Ordered and structured– The motorized awnings are very structures and ordered and since they have to function together as they are connected to each other via a common control, so they remain that way irrespective of any external pressure. On the other hand, the manual awnings have a tendency of breaking, falling apart, getting out of shape or becoming disorganized even by the smallest of the external problems. This makes them look haphazard and creates issues in the long run. They have to be replaced often and you cannot depend on them for long.
  • Easy to repair and maintain– The motorized awnings are interconnected and have a common point as they have to be controlled all together through some remote connection. This makes them easy to maintain and in case any damage occurs, it generally is some circuit related issue and can be handled easily. Even if there is any hardware issue, it can be replaced easily and only the affected part is removed. On the other hand, the manual awnings are difficult to maintain, as they are not connected to any electronic device, and if any problem occurs in them, it takes a while to find it and solve it. This makes them high on maintenance as compared to the motorized ones which are much easier to use and maintain.
  • Customizable and personalized– The motorized awnings have the benefit of being customized and fit as per your requirement and that can be altered or changed any time later as per the future requirements. They are flexible and easy to mold and made durable materials which will provide you better longevity. On the other hand, the manual awnings are made to fit only the place asked for and they are not flexible neither can they be customized later on. This makes them a bit risky in case you have some future plans or usage for them.

So now you can install these motorized awnings in your commercial place, and you can also arrange for some additional seating arrangement by installing these awnings. But before you choose the awnings you need to check their materials, and you have to check their operational guidelines to maintain the same in future.


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