How to Increase Your Living Space with Retaining Walls?

Conventionally serving the purpose of protecting the building from earth slides and water, in contemporary times, retaining walls are used to enhancing the extent of living space. This paradigm shift in the orientation of home design is supporting property owners to address the call of space crunch. Even with the minimum available space, wisely using the retaining walls, you can extract more space that will facilitate comfortable living. Most importantly, these walls will enable you to adopt the outdoor living orientation that has turned to be a major approach in contemporary home design.

Retaining Walls

Paragraphs underneath shall discuss a few probable ways in this regard:

Innovative sitting arrangement  

Commercial installers frequently utilize the SRW units for making the seating arrangements in stadiums and amphitheaters. Retaining walls can be used in the similar style to make arrangements for sitting outdoors. Even if the space available is to the minimum scale, you can use it as freestanding walls for making an arrangement of 2-tired seating facilities. You can use curved couch seating arrangements that will suit application around the patio as well as fire pit that you can use during the fall evenings. It requires the minimum investment for making such adjustments, and the outcome will produce the best return on your money.

Ditch the Deck

Elevated patios, constructed with units of retaining walls are a gallant option for replacing the traditional decks. It is a concept that will reduce the extent of the maintenance that is required with the conventional concept. Thus, by shifting to this trendy orientation, you can reduce the efforts and expenses associated with traditional one. Designing Villa landscapes with the elevated deck will enable you to use it for comfortable and convenient sitting arrangement outdoors, and thus, overcoming the space crunch inside the property. This move will also allow you to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the indoors. You can receive and entertain here and stand assured that they will appreciate it. Besides, this will even support you in hosting open-air parties, without using the indoor spaces. This way, this design will enable you to keep the indoors clean.

Creating curb appeal

The junctions at which the driveway intersects the yard, you may install retaining walls as a barrier to shield the lawn from damages arising out of the tire tracks, deicing or plowing. The tiered arrangement, addressing the slope in the yard will add more space for the shrubs and plants. Very often, freestanding walls are erected along the property lines for preventing unsolicited traffic, crossing the yard. This way, you can serve the aspect of gardening as well as make arrangement for sitting outdoors. It ensures the privacy of the home. Most importantly, opting for this design, you can add more greens to the property and adds to the aesthetic value of the place.

Building a backyard

Excavation for a tiny backyard and developing retaining walls in tiers, featuring patio landing, offset stairs, as well as seating walls, will be another fantastic approach to enhance the living space. It allows you to make the optimal use of every inch of space available and hence, solves the trouble of space crunch. You can use the space for receiving guests, hanging around with friends and relatives and even help you to make some space for the kids to play in the open air. It will be needless to say that it is a good adjustment for adopting the outdoor living concept that will enable you to connect with Mother Nature.

Try the suggestions discussed above and explore how retaining walls can assist you in expanding the living area, making life comfortable and convenient.


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