Dental Health Care for Children with Special Needs

It is very challenging to fulfill the medical requirements of special needs children because most of them cannot express their feelings and pain to their parents. Moreover, they are not able to describe their problems to their parents. In such cases, parents need to take care of their children with the same medicinal processes as a normal child. They need to consult with their pediatric consultant for their health issues and a pediatric dentist for their dental health.

Dental Health Care for Children
Dental Health Care for Children

Some Special Needs Condition:

According to the dental association and medical journals, most of the special needs children are suffering from chronic physical problems, behavioral syndrome, under-development and some emotional or mental problems. Some common diseases are cerebral palsy, vision and hearing disorder, neurological problems and Down syndrome. In such cases, parents are trying to concentrate on their special needs children’s health issues and they are avoiding their minor dental problems. But it is always recommended to observe their dental growth and try to consult with the children’s dentist for a dental health checkup. Most of these diseases do not affect the dental health and your special needs children can easily get a shining smile with proper dental growth. To know more, you can consult with the dentist and they will help you with proper medication and dental care.

Oral and Dental Problems of Special Needs Children:

  • Some diseases like Down syndrome and genetic disorder can block the dental growth of the affected child at the initial stage. In this case, you can find some missing teeth, extra tooth eruption and broken teeth on your special needs children’s gums.
  • It is very difficult to clean their teeth on a regular basis. Dentists recommend cleaning teeth at least twice a day. A Huge amount of food particles is duly deposited into their gums and it is the major cause of fungal infections and bacterial infections in gums.
  • These special needs children also suffer from the low immune system and connective tissue disorders. Their regular medications contain a huge amount of sugar and it is the main cause of dry mouth, and also these medications can affect their teeth and gums too.
  • When you identify these problems for your special needs children, you need to consult with your dentist and they can suggest you the proper medication. Along with that, you can also consult with your family physician and they can decrease or alter their medicines if required. Moreover, you need to maintain their hygiene and you have to clean their teeth twice in a day.

Dental Health Care for Special Needs Child:

Certified Dentist
Certified Dentist

Firstly, you need to wipe and clean your children’s gums at their infant stage. Then when teeth have erupted, you need to clean their teeth with some soft brush. You can ask the dentist when you can start using fluoride toothpaste for your special needs children. Also, you can use some mount cleaning solutions and suggest your children gag with these solutions.

  • It is suggested to maintain their diet plan and not to provide them meals which contain huge amount of sugar. Sugar and saturated fats can destroy their teeth easily.
  • Always brush your special needs children after eating the meal. Clean their teeth with some soft brush and apply the brush gently on their teeth and clean their teeth inside and out, but do not apply the brush on their gums.

So, take an appointment to meet some certified dentists and consult with them for your children’s dental health. They can identify the bacterial effects and they can also suggest you some medical solutions for cleaning their teeth on a regular basis.


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