Does hypnotherapy aid in weight loss – quick and effective tactics to perform

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you tried almost everything, ranging from full-proof diet plans, till rigorous workout schedules and nothing seems to work? Well, then self-hypnosis is an option that you should consider. The aim of this method is to re-educate your unconscious mind- the area that creates impulses and craving, so that you can come up with a wise choice of what to eat and what not to. 


A simple thing that most of you would realize that permanent change in weight can only occur when there is a change in your lifestyle, while fad diet programs are something that you can never follow for a long period of time. So, with the power of hypnotherapy, you can apparently overcome the obstacles that come between you and your desired weight.

How Can Hypnosis Be Beneficial For Weight Loss?

Hypnosis addresses emotional, physical and mental aspects of weight loss through hypnotherapy.

  • Right Perspective: The first and foremost idea of hypnosis is to change the attitude or perspective of a person. For instance, if you think that losing weight within 3 months is impossible for you then the therapist makes you realize that with proper diet, exercise and strict lifestyle you can easily lose weight in 3 months. This basically brings a positive outlook towards the situation and keeps you motivated throughout the process.
  • Disassociation: Human brain has a strong affinity towards the images that are being processed in the mind of thoughts. Under hypnosis, the therapist dissociates these images and allows you to focus on the thoughts. This enables you to have practical goals about losing weight and makes you realize that this focus is will be the essence, and nothing else.
  • Reframing: Another common technique used by therapists is reframing. Just like the mind is able to associate with images, it believes the stories that you tell to yourself. If you pay close attention towards the words that you often say, “this is never going to be possible” is something that your subconscious mind starts believing. Here, the therapist makes it realize by telling a different sorry, which is in this case “this can be done with hard work and determination”.
  • Awareness: Many people feel that food is the major issue that keeps them away from weight loss. The truth here is that it is not the food, rather the craving in your mind that inclines you towards it. This is the reason why therapists recommend that the moment when you start carving for sugars or carbohydrates- think to yourself is eating this will be worth it? Once you have figured out the answer to this question you can follow a healthy and better lifestyle. 

How To Use Hypnosis For Losing Weight?

With the use of hypnosis, you are apparently trying to reprogram the mind. Usually, this process can take from 10 to 15 days, so that long-term change can be established. Take advantage of proper hypnotherapy and use it at least once a day. Some quick tips to follow are:

  • Consider repeating the sessions to get maximum results from the therapy, the more you repeat the better it is going to be.
  • Combine the sessions with behavioral programs, as this can change your eating patterns faster and effectively
  • Use only professionally produced hypnosis audios or videos because this will be able to offer the results that you are looking for.  

So, what are you waiting for? Train your mind with the power of hypnosis and notice the difference that it can create to your weight. 


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