Timber doors are nature’s solution that can last a lifetime

With changing times, people’s decorative needs have changed too. But one trend that has continued to remain popular over the years is using timber doors. In fact, statistics reveal that in the UK, timber windows and doors are a popular option as compared to PVC. This is driven by the need to use eco-friendly materials in the home or even commercial enterprises. Alongside, there are a lot of benefits that come with timber including that it generally tends to last you a life-time.

Timber Doors
Timber Doors
  • One of the biggest benefits of timber doors is that unlike the use of materials like PVC, it doesn’t rot. Anyone who is slightly familiar with the concept of the woodland and extremely cold winters would know that timber has been used for decades in these places. It is a natural resource that keeps people warm and is very flexible as a building material too. What happens is that like other wood sources, timber works as a natural insulator. This implies that the harsh winter heat is cool and is kept out and your home is able to stay warmer for a longer period of time.
  • Timber doors are a boon of nature that comes with the flexibility to be shaped as your choice. The idea is to use doors that provide you with a decorative value and also take the safety aspect into account. In this reference, timber works very well. It is quite durable and enhances the safety of your home. When it comes to door, you don’t want something that is shoddy, especially with burglaries and crime on the rise. Along with this, you can easily get timber re-shaped into your like. It could be a regular rectangular door or even a square door. High quality timber doors work really well in this reference. You can also add a special touch of decor by opting for something with slight carving. It can be colored or polished as per your choice too, which again adds to the decorative factor.
Timber Doors
Timber Doors
  • Durability is one of the biggest plus points of these timber doors. On an average, the lifetime of a timber door is about 40-50 years with minimal maintenance. If you maintain it in good shape, the life span of these doors can go up to 60 years too. And that is not all. These doors can be remolded and also recycled to ensure that you are able to use it again. Hence, if you do the math, you are investing in a door just once but reaping the benefits of this for years to come. However, it should be kept in mind that you opt for doors that are certified. Often, vendors sell you doors that are not actually pure timber. And though you are paying a high price, you end up with a shoddy make.

Along with the above listed benefits there is also something very homely and cozy about these timber doors. When it comes to door, the first thing that people think about is security and the timber ones definitely checks that box. But beyond all of these materialistic benefits, there’s something very much about coming back home after a day’s work or even from school – and be greeted by a door that spells home. And timber doors help you to feel that you are entering your home and not a house! So the next time you are considering changing your door or shifting to a new place, opt for these lucrative timber ones, which are natural and viable.


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