The Benefits of Using Sliding Sash Windows!

Sliding Sash Windows
Sliding Sash Windows

When designing our house we take extensive care in choosing an interior design and other elements that match to the house of our dreams. We aim at designing it as close to our dream house as possible and thus the walls, ceiling, doors and windows are all designed according to our perception and preferences. In many houses that were designed and built in the past we find sliding sash windows are used. Though they were used in old houses, sliding sash windows are still used in modern homes due to the ease of installation and use, as well as the elegant look it gives to the home. People still prefer traditional designs for their home over modern ones since they are time tested and convenient to implement too. Here are some benefits of Sliding sash windows:

  1. Low Maintenance

Sliding sash windows are very easy to maintain and can serve its purpose for almost 60 to 100 years with just simple cleaning and regular coating. Since they have a smooth finish and coated with paint, cleaning them is very simple. A simple damp cloth can be used to wipe out major dust from it. Its usage too is very simple as you just have to pick it up which reduces the chances of it being damaged.

  1. Suitable everywhere

Even the most traditional and vintage houses have sliding sash windows and if you look out for modern places you will find them in the modern houses as well. The sliding sash windows are extremely popular with different and designs, and go with just about anything. Even in the trendiest of house designs and styles people choose to install sliding sash windows as it gives the home a vintage feel and it looks classy, as well as easy to maintain.

  1. Functional

The sliding sash windows are very handy and can be a good aid for an easy lifestyle. The windows are easy to operate and give ample space to sneak out or even leave from the window. The fact that the window accumulates half of the space for glass and the other half can be slide open makes the window multifunctional as sunlight and air can be controlled easily along with giving an elegant look to the home.

  1. Safety

The windows are safe to use as it has no iron rods or knuckles which accidentally could hurt anyone. The timber finish or simple wood finish makes it safe to use in the house even when there are kids around.

Sliding Sash Window
Sliding Sash Window
  1. Security

The sliding sash windows are designed to allow for additional security measures for your homes as any form of security measure can be installed along with it. You can install security systems or Georgian bars to make the windows safe and prevent burglars from breaking in the house. These windows can be locked with the help of security locks which are easy to operate as well as that work closely with child safety reflectors.

  1. Saves on energy

These sliding sash windows are energy efficient or allow you to control the temperature in the room. During winters, it can help prevent cold air from getting in and retain the warmth of the room. In summers, one can easily open the windows to let air come in and cool the house. This is an “A” rating efficient window and helps you save money!

Though, sliding sash windows belong to vintage design or have an old charm to it, it is still the most usable and classic style windows that you can choose for your house!


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