What is the importance of retaining walls?

A retaining wall is raised after filling an embankment or an excavation to provide support and prevent the slow erosion of soil or collapse of a structure all of a sudden. Retaining walls are often used in various projects, ranging from small residential walls to the big ones that can be 12 feet or more in height, as part of a construction project such as building of a roadway. Such walls can be built out of various materials, which include:

  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Concrete blocks
  • Timber logs
  • Reinforced concrete
Retaining Walls
Retaining Walls

These can be constructed for filling earth or for supporting terraced gardens, other than filled embankments and excavation sites. Find out about the importance of using retaining walls.

More usable land

You can add such walls for simple aesthetic improvement. You can get more usable land with a wall of this type, in case you have a sloping or rolling yard. If you wish to set up a pool, a tennis court, a garden, a playground for your kids, a patio, a walkout basement etc. you cannot start working if the land is hilly or rolling and is not to the ground level. With a retaining wall, you can get more usable land and add more beauty and structure to your new space.

Preventing washing of ground

If you live in a place close to water bodies – such as lakes or rivers – or in a region that gets plenty of rainfall, you can prevent soil erosion from your landscaping and the area adjoining your home foundation by using a retaining wall. It will help to prevent the dirt or mudslides floating towards your house. Once you dig out a side of a hill, the resulting dirt will need somewhere to float to. It will come down if left alone. With retaining walls, you can hold back the dirt and ensure that you keep safe.

Varied choices

With such walls, you can create an appealing feature in your landscaping layout and garden. These can be found in plenty of shapes, textures, colors and sizes, which make it possible for owners to build them anywhere. In case your home has outstanding layouts or curves, you can easily set up this type of wall. These are not just aesthetic to look at, but these are structurally strong as well. This makes them wonderful for landscape designers and homeowners. These go perfectly with any type of home or layout, whether in a residential backyard or a commercial property.

Retaining Walls
Retaining Walls

High Durability

Other than being beautiful and functional, these walls can add a lot of value to your home or commercial establishment. These are made of superior materials and come at a competitive cost. Superior material helps such walls to resist the impact of harsh weather, pests and soil erosion. You can easily create:

  • A strategic plant area
  • Seating area
  • Tiered pathway

Low Cost

Segmental walls are also cost-saving solutions, given that no major equipment or mortar is required. There are various costs for the kind of block used. You may go for blocks made of:

  • Concrete
  • Rocks
  • Natural stone
  • Brick

Low Maintenance

These walls require very low on maintenance. After it is set up, you do not have to bother about its maintenance and care. Made of natural items, retaining walls are designed to resist torrential rains, high heat, snows and more. These rarely need to be repaired. In case your walls turn dirty for some specific reason, you can just pressure-wash them. There are no risks of shifting of the stones. These add character and appeal to homes, and happen to be practical as well.


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