Tips for a Beautiful Smile while Wearing Braces

Orthodontic and dental treatments are considered to be a part of life and are seen as an investment for the future. If a person goes to the dentist to get his or her teeth fixed with braces they will want the best possible results at the end of it. The benefits of braces are something that is not seen immediately but only at a later stage in life when they have a beautiful smile with perfectly spaced teeth. These braces will help in fixing the teeth that are too close to each other, crooked and even ones that are projecting outward. Some people have braces to avoid over and under bites.


Your Braces Need Special Care

Once you get your braces, you should know how to take care of it and also the best ways of removing it without causing any damage to your teeth and mouth. The better care you take while wearing it, the more effective and comfortable you will be and the quicker you can take it off. Here are some tips to maintain a beautiful smile while wearing braces:

  • Cleaning teeth while having braces will take more time than what it would take without it. This will require some technique and finesse as insufficient dental hygiene with braces will cause dire effects. Food may often get caught in the wire and brackets and will cause cavities due to which you may have to remove the braces and put it on again, which will be a painful and expensive experience. Gently brush your teeth with small strokes so that you will not cause any damages to the wires. A brush with soft head should be used along with a paste that contains fluoride. Kids should brush after every meal and flossing will help in getting rid of the particles that are stuck between the wires.
  • Make sure that you avoid certain food items like the ones that are chewy, hard or sticky. If you consume sticky food like candy or caramel, it will get stuck in the braces and will be visible every time you open your mouth. Crunchy food like pretzels and popcorn will also get stuck in the braces and could cause them to snap when you bite something.
  • If kids with braces enjoy playing sports like basketball and volleyball, the braces should not stop them from enjoying sports. They can be proactive and wear a mouth guard to protect their teeth and braces. This will help in preventing any damage to the braces or even the teeth during the game. Mouth guards can be worn for both the top and bottom teeth, and you can get it custom made by contacting a dentist.
  • Even if you take very good care of your braces, it might snap or break sometimes. The measures that you can take when that occurs will depend on the amount of damage caused. If you hit your teeth somewhere and it breaks, you should go to see a dentist immediately. You should also go in for a consultation if the wire or bracket in the braces comes off. Broken wires are very dangerous as some people may end up swallowing or breathing in the wire.
  • Take special care of your teeth and gums along with the braces. If you have elastics fitted in, then you should remove them before you brush. While brushing, take care to do so on the inside and outside of the teeth using gentle circular movements on each tooth along with the wire. This will help remove all the food particles that are stuck in it.

Follow these tips religiously and have a beautiful smile even while wearing braces.


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