Avoiding Proper Cleaning of Drain Can Cause Inconvenience

Drains carry away waste from your house and can get clogged if proper care is not taken. It is possible to prevent the blockage of drains quickly by taking measures in our kitchen and bathroom. But the blockage is likely to occur sooner or later with time due to various reasons. It is the right thing to clean the drain lines regularly to prevent many inconveniences to happen. Drain cleaning could be easily done at home by the homeowners using simple measures including some natural ingredients. You might have to call the plumbers and pay for cleaning if you don’t do it yourself.

Signs for cleaning pipes

It is important to look for signs for problem in the drains and pipes. These signs will help you understand when to clean them before they can go nasty.

  • The one thing that can ensure that there could be some clogging in the drains is when you find the water in the sink or shower is slowly draining. Blockage developing in the pipes can slow water drainage kitchen and bathroom.
  • Water stains on the walls can explain there is some problem in the drains and pipes.
  • Foul smell coming from sink or toilet could be an indication of blockage in the drains requiring drain cleaning
Drain Cleaning
Drain Cleaning
  • Problems created after neglecting cleaning of drain

It is common for homeowner to neglect drain cleaning until some big issue is created.  Maintaining the drain does not fall under the house maintenance for most people. They not only avoid cleaning the drains regularly but also avoid the signs of problems. Some major issues created due to this avoidance are:

  • Clogged drains

If the drains of the kitchen and bathroom are not cleaned regularly, it can result in blocked drains. Clogged drains and pipes can lead to several problems like water building up or stopping of drainage of water. Initial clogging might slow down drainage of water but as the clog starts getting bigger it become impossible for water to go.

  • Bad odor

The clogged drains are the result of neglecting cleaning of drains. Food particles that fall in the drain and with time decompose. This emits foul smell which becomes very difficult to stay in the kitchen.

  • Mold and mildew

The dark and warm area is the place where the mold and mildew grows. These are highly hazardous for health. Breathing problems, allergies, asthma etc. are some diseases that can be caused from them. Black moulds can be extremely dangerous to life. If the drains are not cleaned properly, the chances of the growth of the moulds and mildews increase a lot.

  • Erosion

The pipes are usually made out of steel which gets eroded inside with time. The chemicals like chlorine, calcium or other items are the causes behind the erosion. Pipes not only look old and decayed but also chances of breakage increases.

  • Damage to drainage system

All drainage systems have a particular life span which can increase a lot with proper and routine maintenance. Years of negligence and lack of care of the pipes and drain lines can lead to major damage to the entire system. As a result, you get reduced life span of the system. Extensive and expensive repair of the drainage lines have to be carried out by the plumbers to restore the actual system. Although cleaning drains might not be the most enjoyable step of house maintenance yet it is a crucial part. Sometimes, the negligence can lead to permanent damage to the drainage system. Routine and proper cleaning at intervals can save you from all the trouble and also save money spent over costly repairs.


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