6 Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities that are used in the Market

If you want to renovate your bathroom, then you should be able to spend a lot of time in deciding the right kind of fittings and furniture that should go in as it will a big investment in terms of money and time. You should start out by creating a budget and figuring out the theme that you want to go with. Some people will like high tech bathrooms with a Jacuzzi but others will prefer something that is simple and has a lot of natural light. When you are picking the furniture that should go with it, you should pay additional attention to vanities on which you will showcase all your products like towels, bottles, bath products and so on. You will be able to follow some trends that people are currently using for making these bathroom vanities as fashionable and in sync with the rest of the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities
Bathroom Vanities

  • Wood textured bathroom vanities

Wood is something that most people will use in their bathrooms as it is a natural material and is always trending. Earthy tones like river rock and natural stone are used for vanity tops, baths, sinks, wall features and other bathroom furniture.

  • Indoor plants in bathroom vanities

If you want to give a natural and eco-friendly look to the bathroom, you will be able to add some potted plants and indoor plants. You can keep these next to the wooden bathroom vanities and it will serve as something that is more than just an accessory. You will be able to alternate the plants based on the season and it will provide a nice smell and fresh look to the bathroom.

  • Open shelving

Many bathrooms are currently seen with bathroom vanities that has open shelving. This is a trend that is featured in many magazines and is being used all over the world. The cabinets in the bathroom vanity are used for storing products like soaps, toilet papers and towels. If you could take the time to arrange these cleaners and toiletries in an artistic style it will help in providing a fresh look to the bathroom. Open shelves will also serve as a motivation for preventing clutter as you will find yourself cleaning up more often if everything is on display.

  • Through Sinks

Using trough sinks next to the vanity is another latest style. These sinks will be more elegant and you can use double sinks so that you will not have to fight with your husband or wife over the sink everyday morning for brushing or shaving.  The double sinks will be placed on either sides of the vanity so that you will be able to place products like hand wash and shaving kit in a place that can be easily accessed.

Bathroom Vanities
Bathroom Vanities
  • Freestanding Bathroom Vanities

Most homeowners are forgoing the old cabinetry that has ornate panels and trimming for cabinets that come with a flat front as it is easy to clean. Freestanding vanities are another accessory that is featured in many powder rooms and places like half baths as it makes a big statement. Many designers are specializing in these custom make freestanding bathroom vanities that come with an authentic and antique look so that you will be able to get the look and feel that you want.

  • Medicine cabinets and Laundry storage

Medicine cabinets are something that is present in many houses but in the past few years, it has seen a lot of redesigning and facelifts. The cabinets that are available these days are deeper and will have options for plugging in appliances. You will even be able to get few cabinets with a TV screen. Laundry storage in the bathroom is very important as you will not like all your dirty clothes lying around. You will be able to get tall cabinets with lids as well.


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