How to make your small kitchen look bigger?

Many men and women spend a lot of time in their kitchen, cooking, preparing, storing and cleaning food for themselves and their family members. Kitchen spaces are often tough to optimize due to the many big and small items that they need to hold. Nowadays, in small apartments, the kitchen space is usually very small, and so you have to make maximum optimization of space to accommodate several things that you need to use.  Read and know about some simple new kitchen designs to make your small kitchen space look bigger.

New Kitchen Designs
New Kitchen Designs

Use glass windows to admit natural light

Glass windows can allow the entry of more light into your kitchen and illuminate each corner. It will reduce your need for artificial lighting and make your kitchen look more spacious and fresh.  You can also grow a small garden by the window, and plant good herbs such as mustard, coriander, chili varieties or curry leaves.

Go for light toned flooring

With light toned and smooth flooring that matches mute colors of the wall, you can provide your kitchen with a spacious look. Light-colored flooring can also reflect the natural light that comes through glass windows. You can make the flooring in the area next to the cooking stove slightly rougher in texture, in order to allow enough grips to your foot while cooking every day.

Opt for modular kitchen design

  • Modular kitchens, as the name indicates, are made in modules that can be adjusted as per individual choices. These work amazingly well for both large and small spaces.
  • Modular kitchens are made of compartments such as a chimney, fittings, drawers, cabinet shutters, shelves and cabins.
  •  Given that opaque cabinets hide all the knickknacks and storage containers, your kitchen gets a clean and spacious look. Many of the new kitchen designs are modular in form.

Use the Vertical Space

You can use the ground to ceiling spaces effectively for storage purposes, and provide your kitchen with a de-cluttered look. This is particularly advisable for small kitchens, and right from small wooden overhead cabinets to steel racks and small aluminium cabinets, you can readily experiment with the kitchen interiors. These are great spaces to store larger cooking utensils and fine crockery, which only see the daylight when guests arrive at your home.

Choose smart storage containers

If you have containers falling out of cabinets often, it could be due to their shape and size. You can use rectangular or square containers to replace your old round containers that hog a lot of space. While renovating your kitchen, toss out all those items and containers that are not used. This will reduce the clutter in the internal space of your kitchen.

Kitchen Designs
Kitchen Designs

Go for elongated patterns

It is a good idea to choose striped and geometric floors and walls that create a vertical or lengthwise impression on the eye, and make rooms look taller or longer than they actually are. Tile that are laid squarely make kitchen spaces more chopped up and stunted. In case you are unable to change the floor itself, you can add a patterned runner that would achieve a similar effect with your new kitchen designs.

Finally, to enhance the look of your kitchen, you can use contrast colors to accentuate the overall aesthetic appearance of the kitchen. You can also opt to keep all the items in the same color, with only slight variation. All white items or light colored items can also help in this regard. In a white or light colored kitchen, appliances and cabinets in the same type of color blend in with the shade of the walls. This helps make kitchens appear more spacious than they actually are.


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