How pregnancy pilates classes can put positive impact on your health?

You can’t compare the joy of getting a baby bump to any other pleasure in this world. A woman feels special having a promise of baby, and a man goes excited with pride and happiness knowing he is about to be a father soon. Starting a family definitely feels great. However, when bringing the child in this world is the process that is not so enjoyable. Giving a birth to a baby means going through a lot of physical stress, changes and aches.

Pregnancy Pilate
Pregnancy Pilate

Women, after successful delivery of baby, often observe how their body is experiencing different changes. This can sometimes result into long term problems, which not a good omen both for a mother and baby. That is why it is important to prepare your body for what is to come. To make the journey of pregnancy easier, pregnancy pilates classes can be of incredible value.

Prenatal Pilates Classes

Medical practitioners recommend making certain moves of your body and stand in specific postures in order to improve the health status and make the baby birth an easy, less painful process. Pilates classes attended before the baby is born can have positive impact not only on mother’s health after the baby is born, but also on baby itself. If practiced regularly, pregnancy pilates workout can ease you pain and improve your breathing at the time of giving birth to a baby. The following are the areas where pilates workout help:

Back pain and pelvic discomfort

Almost 50% of pregnant women find it cumbersome to carry additional weight imposed by having a baby bump since it makes them feel awkward at the time of maintaining their body balance. By performing special pilates postures and controlled moves, it is possible for you to achieve desired strength in the lower areas of body like pelvic floor and stomach muscles. Pregnancy Pilates classes help reduce back pain and pelvic discomfort.

Breathing capacity

During pregnancy, your baby also requires same nutrients and air as you do for the development of healthy body. This is why you have to breathe efficiently to fulfill extra oxygen requirements. Breathing techniques supported with special pilates postures help you take in more oxygen and prevent any trouble you might face during labor. More intake of oxygen also reduces your typical anxiety.

Poise in postures

Human body needs to maintain some balance as you take some posture to perform daily tasks. Pilates fix your alignment and avoid shaky or imbalanced postures. Due to baby bump and extra weight, body begins to cope with the balance problems. Pregnancy Pilates classes support the spine and muscles when you are standing or moving.

Abs muscle strength

Labor can affect your stomach muscles during and after labor. In this medical condition, abdominal muscles get separated. Pilates is safe and reliable way to tighten these muscles and make them fit as before. Pilates usually work on those deepest core muscles, which will repair those damaged, weakened muscles.

Back Pain

Pregnancy puts extra weight on mothers, and the pain they feel in their back also persists even after the pregnancy. Spine gets affected, which is most common in pregnant women. Pilates workout strengthen abdominal muscles and give new strength to pelvic floor. Once the pelvic area is resurgent, the spine will face less difficulty to cope with energetic body movements and retain its stability.

Social life balance

It is not only mother’s back that resumes working fine in the end, a woman’s social life also receives balance with the help of pregnancy pilates classes. When you join pilates workout classes, you will get to meet other expecting mothers who will share similar stories just like yours. You will feel comfort and a sense of community and empathy among them.


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