Floating flooring
Floating flooring

The term floating floor may literally mean a floor that floats but in this reference this term refers to mere convenience that you are offered with the same. These floors are so versatile and easy to install that they are referred to as floating. They are fitted into the required space in a way that reflects ease and convenience.  So it is more of a style of fitting rather than flooring. It is usually used in homes over a sub-floor or even the base floor. It usually comprises of glass fiber, felt or cork layer for sound insulation. There are some floor options that are also available with neoprene pads to hold a laminate floor. Here are some cool and innovative ideas for the same-


Considering that these floating floors are available in a range of designs and materials, you get the freedom to experiment in anyway that you want. For instance, you may have an engineered floor but with pets or kids in the house you are worried about the damage caused to it. So for a few years, you may want to consider the option of floating ones. These come in an array of designs that would be quite similar to the floor you already have. For example, a part of this flooring can be done in your kids room where the chances of damage are maximum. You can get a floor design that looks engineered or even something that has a wooden look.


There is no doubt that wooden floors burn a whole in your pocket. Hence, even if you want, you wouldn’t be able to use them on ceilings or other areas. But thanks to the flexibility of these floating floors, for getting a more cost-effective solution. So what can be done here is that though your home is already fitted with wooden bases all around, you can get these floating designs for the ceiling too. Here you may pick a cheaper kind of flooring as it will not really be very visible and yet provide you with the chic interiors that you wanted.

Also, since these floors are so easy to install, a lot of people prefer using these for the walls too. This way you don’t have to worry about complete renovation. With a simple change, you are able to add some flexibility to your home design.

Floating floor
Floating floor

Some available options here include-

  • Laminate Flooring, which is precisely one of the most common kind of flooring that is used in different kinds of homes. In particular, considering that the floor has been installed on a “floating” basis.
  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring is also referred to as LVF. This kind of flooring tends to snap together, board-to-board and one can also glue it to the sub-floor.
  • Engineered Flooring include option for both wood flooring nails or it can be stapled down to a plywood substrate.
  • Ceramic Tiles can also be installed using this kind of flooring and it provides your home with a swanky makeover. Different techniques are available here too.

While floating floors add to the appeal of a home, they are not recommended for areas that may get wet like bathrooms and exterior doors.

So these are some of the different style options for floating floors and cool and innovative ways to use them. But do make sure that you work out the price and overall cost and maintenance factor prior to the setup. This would help you get a flooring type that not only suits the budget but also your long-term maintenance and durability aspects.


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