How to take care of your Smelly Blocked Drain?

There are certain things that are needed to be taken care of in a home. Maintaining a house is not an easy task as it seems to be. You need to take care of every minute detail that is essential for you. While you want to keep your home fresh and clean, the first and foremost thing that is to be taken care of is the sewage system.


The key to a clean home is always a perfectly healthy drainage. That is why, when your drain gets blocked, it is very much problematic for you, because your household work is stuck. So, it should be fixed as soon as you encounter it. You might not be able to use your kitchen, bathroom and not even do the daily household work. This is the reason you should get your drain cleaned as it gets blocked. But there are a few questions which remain while you get on to your drain. How would you do the cleanup? Is it your manual job or you need to pass it on to the concerned place? The answer is that you only have to find out the problems that are arising in your drainage. Rest will be taken care of by the professionals.


When you see the signs of your drainage being blocked, you need to notice them properly. You would find clogged pipes in your home as a sign of your drain blockage. There are many ways in which you can take care of a blocked drainpipe. But the main problem lies elsewhere on the fact that your drain gets really smelly when it is clogged. Even if you clean the whole drain by professional services, your drain may still smell awful. To get rid of this problem, you can use some homemade remedies like-

  • Lemon is a very good deodorant. You can use it in many ways. Especially when you get a smelly drain, you can use it even better. First you need to make sure that your disposal blades are clean. When you are sure of that, you can use tricks with lemon peels, coarse salt and ice cube. Simply put it in your drainpipe to get rid of the smell.
  • What we don’t know is boiling water is a real good remedy of smelly drains. You can pour a good amount of boiling water down your drainpipe and keep repeating the steps. You will surely get an effective result out of it!
  • The combination of baking soda and vinegar can do wonder. Pour hot water and baking soda down the drain pipe and after a while pour some vinegar in it. You will get noticeable change in smell really fast.
  • This often happens because your P-Trap is drained somehow. You can do really well if you get the P-Trap again for your bathroom and kitchen. These will help you a lot to get rid of the smelly drains.
  • For extra deodorizing, peel an orange, lemon or grapefruit and drop the rinds down the disposal one piece at a time.
  • You can simply keep cleaning at a regular period to let the smell not occur at all!

Your bathroom and your kitchen are the places where you are actually yourself and feel good. Don’t let bad odour ruin your days. Take professional help for clean-up for blocked drain and some steps yourself to keep it fresh and not smelly. And allow the pleasant and kitchen scent to fill your mind with glee.


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