Important Factors to Consider When Creating Custom Sports Uniforms

While deciding about custom sports uniforms, it is very important to have them in appropriate designs, perfect material, and a reasonable price. Sports uniform is not any uniform that you wear while playing a sport, but it’s all about a unique identification of your team. There are different kinds of materials and designs available for creating sports uniforms. Uniform is the only way to identify a particular sport team as it represents your team in public. Creating a sports uniform can be fun, but there is a lot to understand and consider.

Things to keep in mind when creating custom sports uniforms:

Custom Sports Uniforms
  • Material: There are different types of materials available for uniforms, such as polyester, pro-mesh, cotton, and so on. The material can influence the way the uniforms look and also the individual member’s performance. Ensure that the material is durable and weather resistance, in other words, uniform should be comfortable to wear in any type of weather. If any of the team members is feeling uncomfortable, then no doubt, it will affect the team’s performance on field. So the first thing you need to consider while buying/creating custom sports uniforms is the material.
  • Design, Color, and Pattern: As we all know, a wide variety of designs, colors, and patterns are available for sports uniforms. Some designs follow cut and sew methods. If you want some kind of logo in your uniform, consult an appropriate printer to figure out where to print the logo. Choose a simple and effective logo that stands out. Usually, logos look better on the back of the uniform. Be adaptable about the team logo and make sure that the overall look is pleasing. Choosing a particular team color for custom sports uniforms is the most challenging and important thing you’ll make. Always go for complimentary colors that will not be confused with other team’s uniform.
  • Consider Personalization: Print each team member’s name and number on the back of the uniform t-shirts, this adds a personal touch and makes every individual stand out in the crowd. You can contact the designers and know about the choices you have when it comes to names and numbers.
  • Size: There should not be any measurement issues while creating custom sports uniforms. Make sure to take the measurements of every individual in the team, so that the uniforms can be stitched according to these measurements and they fit perfectly as the uniforms will also be personalized as per every team member. Each and every sports uniform must be stitched efficiently to make it highly durable and tear resistance.

How to find a right manufacturer for your custom sports uniform:

Not all clothing manufacturers are adept in making custom sports uniforms. Making a random online selection of manufacturers, without actually knowing their standard and capacity will lead to a disaster. So start doing some research on manufacturers. You may need to put lot of effort here, but it proves to be beneficial at the end. If you know anybody who previously placed uniform orders, ask them about the manufacturers they contacted. Get information about the quality of materials and the final cost. You can also do online research or browse through specific sports magazines, but it is very difficult to choose one among so many manufacturers. Once you shortlist the potential manufacturer, contact them to find out if they fit your requirements such as delivery, superior quality and budget.  Compare the final quotes amongst 2 to 3 players in the market and then finalize.

To sum it all up, customized uniform selection doesn’t have to be a challenge if you know what you want. So do your research beforehand and weigh your options carefully.


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