Many car owners don’t take car servicing seriously, and often miss their designated due date. You will be ecstatic to know that servicing the cars in a regular manner is the best way to save a lot of fuel. Tuning is the most important job that the car servicing engineers perform so that your vehicle doesn’t guzzle excess amount of fuel. Apart from these, various amenities are needed to be taken care of while servicing your car from any vehicle repair centre.


It is not possible for you to get your car serviced on every week or month but you should visit your vehicle service engineer on six months of interval. You should take a look at car maker’s instruction manual that will accurately guide about the timings, if confused. Although many would argue about the fact but it is always recommended that you should visit the vehicle service station that is authorized. According to researchers, it has been noticed that if you go for car maintenance on a regular basis, then mileage is increased by 40%.


When you reach a car service station, you should remember the following points or tips which will help you in improving the fuel efficiency of your car-

  • The first thing you should ask your mechanic at car services station is to either clean or replace the dirty filter that gulps huge amount of fuel.
  • You should also look into the tire pressure, and if it is low, then you should immediately ask them to inflate the tire properly. A low-pressure tire reduces the car fuel efficiency by a large margin.
  • If you haven’t cleaned the corroded battery cables, then you should ask the service man to clean the mess on the battery cable as they push to the alternator to do more work which ultimately leads to low mileage.
  • A faulty oxygen sensor is a serious issue in the car and getting it fixed by a mechanic can improve the fuel efficiency rate by significant rate. This fact is also backed up by many car maintenance organizations.
  • Air filter needs to be cleaned on a regular interval, and you should take care that it is done properly.
  • You should change the engine oil in a standard manner, and it is always recommended that you should opt for high-grade motor oil.
  • Inspection of chassis, suspension, wheel, axles, shocks and springs should be taken care of if there is any problem because they will cause drivetrain drag.
  • You should also fix if there is any kind of gear shifting problem because it also gulps good amount of fuel.
  • Last but not the least, the engine should be checked thoroughly because it also decides the fuel efficiency of the car.




You can also try following tips to save fuel:

  • You shouldn’t carry additional luggage in your vehicle because it burns a lot of fuel. You should remove extra boxes, racks when they are not in use.
  • Avoiding excess speed is one of the most efficient way to curbing down the fuel consumption rate. Opting for optimum speed is highly recommended in city roads.
  • You should avoid, pressing the clutch until and unless you need as they cause massive consumption of fuel.
  • You should avoid driving slow in high gear or driving at high speed in low gear and by doing so, you will save a lot of fuel.

Fuel is an important and  non-renewable resource of our planet so you should try to save it.


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